Participants on the Great Miami Valley YMCA gymnastics team learn more than the gymnastics skills it takes to enter a competition-they learn high ethical standards and academic achievement, as well as the responsibilities of dedication and commitment. The team-which is housed at our Fitton Family YMCA branch-competes each year against other YMCA gymnastics teams and qualifying gymnasts attend regional and national competitions. The lessons learned from being a part of the team include the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith.

The Great Miami Valley YMCA Competitive Gymnastics Team is founded on the belief that with values gained and lessons learned that go far beyond mastering skills and winning competitions. We foster team spirit, good sportsmanship, and the YMCA philosophy of combining spirit, mind, and body for a well-rounded individual. Team members compete from levels 3 through 9 (and Xcel, a level created for non-traditional gymnasts age 12 and older) with other YMCA teams in District Championships, Regional, and National meets. Must be a Great Miami Valley YMCA full member to participate on the team.

Call Jen Bain at FITTON FAMILY YMCA at 868-9622 for more information.