This is where fitness gets personal-and so do the results. Enjoy the outstanding benefits of a personal trainer who will work with you one-on-one to create an exercise plan designed to achieve all of your fitness goals. Your trainer will assess your fitness level, determine benchmark goals, and develop a workout schedule that fits easily into your life! Group sessions are available with a Partner. Full Members Only
See the Welcome Center or contact:
Atrium YMCA - Adrienne Morton . 513.217.5501
East Butler YMCA - Erryn Moore . 513.892.9622
Fairfield YMCA - Joanie Kirdzik . 513.829.3091
Fitton YMCA - Kathy Graham . 513.868.9622
Hamilton Central YMCA - Shohreh Sloneker . 513.887.0001
Middletown YMCA - Brooklyn Mason . 513.422.9622


One-on-One Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training