In order to access your NEW online account, you will first need to recover your password. At the login screen, hit forgot password and follow the prompts to recover your account. If you need more assistance, please refer to our step-by-step instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions
Account Set-Up
  • Do I have an online account?
    • You must meet the following three requirements:
      • Email in the system
      • Birthdate in the system
      • Over the age of 15
    • If you meet these three requirements, an online account has been created for you. In order to recover your password, please click FORGOT PASSWORD on the login screen and enter your email associated with your account.
  • What if I don’t get an email?
    • First, check your junk mailbox, the email will be coming from If you still can’t find the email, contact for further assistance.
  • My email wasn’t recognized?
    • If it is possible that your account could be associated with a different email address, try any alternative emails first. If that doesn’t work please contact for further assistance.
  • What if I don’t have an account?
    • If you are new to the Y, you can create a new account here.
    • If you are a current/past member or program participant, please contact for assistance in setting up your account.
Updating Account Information
  • How do I pull my visit history?
    • Under the My Account, select membership details and put in the dates you would like to pull your visit history for.
  • I have two children, but I only see one under Manage My Family. How do I add another child to my record?
    • Once you are logged in, click Manage My Family. You may add additional family members to your account here, however it will not add them to your membership, this can only be done in the branch.
    • If you are certain your child has participated in YMCA programs within the last 24 months or is part of your YMCA membership, but you cannot see him/ her within your online account, please contact
  • My child is allergic to peanuts. How do I change Health Information on myself or my child?
    • Once you are logged in, click Health Information under My Information. Your Health Form should appear. To change/ edit health information for family members, click on the My Family Tab. Under the Health Information column, click edit next to the person you need to manage. Once entered, all health information stays on your child’s record. Please remember to update it as needed.
Program Registration
  • How do I get added to a waitlist?
    • You have the capability to add yourself or a family member to a wait list online. If space opens up, we will contact you to get registered for the class.
  • My family member is eligible for a program based on his/ her age, grade or gender, but is not listed as an applicable registrant. What is wrong?
    • Your family member may not be linked correctly to your account, or you may not have the ability to manage that family member online. Please contact for further assistance.

Need Help?

Please call the YMCA Customer Service at or by phone at 513-887-0001 ext 11, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., EST.